What tires does Land Rover use?

The Land Rover company was founded in 1948 as a manufacturer of utilitarian 4WD off-roaders, but today it is well-known as a luxury SUV brand. Over the years, Land Rover has slowly began introducing 2WD options for its vehicles after having built exclusively 4WD vehicles.

Land Rover Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Fullerton

Are Range Rover tires expensive?

On average, 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Sport tires are priced between $150 - $350 per tire. If you opt for high-performance tires, those are generally more expensive and can cost over $500 each.

What are the recommended tires for Land Rover vehicles?

Land Rover vehicles are equipped with off-road tires sized between 15 and 20 inches. Some standard tire sizes for various models include 195/80 R15 (Freelander), 215/65 R16 (Freelander), 205/80 R16 (Defender), 225/75 R16 (Defender), 255/55 R19 (Range Rover), 275/40 R20 (Range Rover Sport).

Do Range Rover or Evoque models come equipped with run-flat tires?

Land Rover'srun-flat tires are specifically built with a reinforced sidewall that allows your vehicle to continue driving even if it's been punctured. Albeit for a short amount of time and speed.

How can I tell if my car is equipped withrun-flat tires?

You can check the sidewall of the tire to confirm if yours are run-flat.

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Popular Land Rover Tire Brands

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Your Land Rover Dealer carries the tire brands recommended to meet the high quality standards of your Envision Land Rover Cerritos vehicle and provide you with superb performance, comfort, efficiency, and handling - all at a great value.

Land Rover Tire Maintenance Videos

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From our Fullerton Service Customers

Photo of Ramon C.

Ramon C.     

Came in on a Saturday afternoon, it was hectic. Sean spotted us and told us he would be right with us. After looking around we found the car we wanted by that time Sean came back to us and asked us to join him in his office. Sean asked what is was that I wanted in a car and showed me to the vehicle which had it all. Sean knew exactly what they had and didn't have off the top of his head. I want to say everything went smoothly but I was indecisive. I had originally been interested in a Q7 or Q8 but after speaking with him and checking out the Velar my mind was changed. Then the deal was made and I had a new car.If you want someone knowledgeable, friendly, energetic. Look for Sean hell probably be busy with someone else at the moment but he's worth the wait.

Photo of Derek E.

Derek E.     

About a week ago my wife and I got serious about purchasing another vehicle.  She had a whole list of "requirements" 3rd row etc.  We had a few cars in mind and one day I took her to the Range Rover dealership in Cerritos.  It's always been on her mind that she wanted one but she didn't really think it was possible.  We were immediately greeted by Sean (Suren) and shown a few vehicle's after talking some basics of what we were looking for.  I had originally done a lot of research about the Velar model as to me, it was more stylish than the sport.  However we immediately fell in love with a white HST that was on the lot.  All of her original requirements went out the window. Sean informed us that they were quite hard to find in that spec etc.  We ended up going home to think about it and made up our minds that it was the one. We made plans to go that night, bring our trade and make the deal.  Sean called me around noon to let me know the car we were interested in had sold.  We were devastated.  We went to another dealer to see what they had inventory wise, looked online in like a 500 mile radius and couldn't find one similar.  Sean was right.  He wasn't being pushy or coming up with a story about the vehicle just to make a sale, it was rare and it obviously was in high demand.  We even tried calling him to see just how "sold" the vehicle was, even joking that we could somehow still sign the triple form before they did to pick it up.  We made it back to the dealer with our trade and it was really difficult to compare other vehicles to the one we missed out on.  We were literally sitting in our car about to leave and Sean persisted to get us to try a TD6 model, informing us of the increased gas mileage and being similar minus some performance features and the dash.  Ultimately the deal was made and in the long run we are happy with our purchase over the flashy one.  The process was simple and to be honest I didn't feel like haggling to death over the price because I didn't want to miss out on another good opportunity.  I want to thank Sean and team for making everything smooth and most of all accommodating during the covid19 situation.

Photo of Belinda F.

Belinda F.     

Axel is the MAN!! Thank you so much for making my car buying process super easy! After going to several other Land Rover dealers, I'm so happy I finally got my DREAM CAR at the the Cerritos dealership!! Thanks again to Axel for providing the best customer service, his patience and getting me a great deal even after showing up at the dealership a couple of hours before close time on a Sunday over the Thanksgiving weekend. I'm a happy customer and I definitely recommend Axel for your car buying experience!

Photo of Jennifer J.

Jennifer J.    

Just an update, the GM reached out and was extremely apologetic.  It was much appreciated that he acknowledged the service wasn't up to par and did what he could to rectify the situation.  Classy move lol2 stars for the service department!!  My 2020 evoque has been in several times for a gearbox fault.  This last time it was in they did a complete computer system overhaul that hopefully fixes the issue of my car stranding me places because it won't go into drive.  When I received my car this last time I was alerted the next morning ALL my tires were well below PSI, and they had sprayed what I'm assuming was disinfectant directly onto my touch screen control panel.  I realize these may seem like trivial things but when you're paying for a luxury vehicle that's now been in the shop multiple times for the same problem, it's frustrating to now have to deal with smaller issues caused by the service department.     My 4 phone calls, and 1 email to them have ALL gone unanswered, extremely unprofessional.

Photo of Rick M.

Rick M.     

I was extremely satisfied with the customer service.  Vanessa Martinez is the example when  it comes to taking care of customers! "I appreciate you"...

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