Why are my brakes squeaking?

Squeaking brakes are often directly correlated with the need for a brake pad replacement. When the brake pads wear down to a thin layer, the metal piece becomes exposed. And it creates a squeaking sound when it's pushed up against the brake rotors. If the squeaking you hear transitions to grinding when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, your rotors are starting to take damage.

How long will the brake pads of my Range Rover last?

Brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 70,00 miles. You need to get frequent inspection if you are driving in heavy traffic and use your brakes often.

How does the brake system work?

It works in a few different ways. As you pushes on the brake pedal and the force generated as you push your leg is amplified several times by mechanical leverage. It is then amplified further by the action of the brake booster. A piston moves into the cylinder AND it squeezes hydraulic fluid out of the end.

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How to Replace the Brakes in a Land Rover

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Thank you Sean and the rest of the team for such great customer service! Made buying a car so easy and comfortable during this crazy time (covid). We are so in love with our new Range Rover!!!!

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Axel is the MAN!! Thank you so much for making my car buying process super easy! After going to several other Land Rover dealers, I'm so happy I finally got my DREAM CAR at the the Cerritos dealership!! Thanks again to Axel for providing the best customer service, his patience and getting me a great deal even after showing up at the dealership a couple of hours before close time on a Sunday over the Thanksgiving weekend. I'm a happy customer and I definitely recommend Axel for your car buying experience!

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I was extremely satisfied with the customer service.  Vanessa Martinez is the example when  it comes to taking care of customers! "I appreciate you"...

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About a week ago my wife and I got serious about purchasing another vehicle.  She had a whole list of "requirements" 3rd row etc.  We had a few cars in mind and one day I took her to the Range Rover dealership in Cerritos.  It's always been on her mind that she wanted one but she didn't really think it was possible.  We were immediately greeted by Sean (Suren) and shown a few vehicle's after talking some basics of what we were looking for.  I had originally done a lot of research about the Velar model as to me, it was more stylish than the sport.  However we immediately fell in love with a white HST that was on the lot.  All of her original requirements went out the window. Sean informed us that they were quite hard to find in that spec etc.  We ended up going home to think about it and made up our minds that it was the one. We made plans to go that night, bring our trade and make the deal.  Sean called me around noon to let me know the car we were interested in had sold.  We were devastated.  We went to another dealer to see what they had inventory wise, looked online in like a 500 mile radius and couldn't find one similar.  Sean was right.  He wasn't being pushy or coming up with a story about the vehicle just to make a sale, it was rare and it obviously was in high demand.  We even tried calling him to see just how "sold" the vehicle was, even joking that we could somehow still sign the triple form before they did to pick it up.  We made it back to the dealer with our trade and it was really difficult to compare other vehicles to the one we missed out on.  We were literally sitting in our car about to leave and Sean persisted to get us to try a TD6 model, informing us of the increased gas mileage and being similar minus some performance features and the dash.  Ultimately the deal was made and in the long run we are happy with our purchase over the flashy one.  The process was simple and to be honest I didn't feel like haggling to death over the price because I didn't want to miss out on another good opportunity.  I want to thank Sean and team for making everything smooth and most of all accommodating during the covid19 situation.

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