Few things are worse than turning your key and finding that your car won't start. While the first and most common assumption in this instance is that the battery is dead, the real problem may lie at the ignition. At Land Rover Cerritos, we are committed to helping Cerritos, CA drivers understand the servicing needs of their automobiles. With our help, you can easily recognize when your starter is having issues.

Check for Signs of an Oil Leak

Surprisingly, the starter is frequently positioned just below the engine. As a result, it can become coated in engine oil and other drivetrain fluids whenever leaks develop. If you've noticed signs of a fluid leak beneath your car, you may want to have your starter checked. Once this system becomes soaked in drivetrain fluids, it usually has only a very nominal amount of its lifespan remaining.

Jarring, Grinding Noises

If you've ever turned your key a second time after the engine has already been turned on, then you've definitely heard the jarring, grinding noise of unhappy components. This is the same sound that you can expect to hear once your ignition starts breaking down. To get additional information on your car's starter or to have your ignition serviced by seasoned professionals, visit us at Land Rover Cerritos now.

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