One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your car's interior is to replace your floor mats. You can choose between carpet mats or all-weather ones. Which one should you choose?

Custom-fit carpet floor mats provide more protection than the ones that came with your car originally. They are available in a number of colors, allowing you to match it to your interior easily. You can go with a tight weave like Berber or a softer plush. The downside to carpet mats is that they show dirt and grime.

All-weather or rubber mats are easy to clean. For those who live in harsh climates or track in a lot of debris, these mats are the natural choice. A quick wash with the hose and it's good to go. The downside is the lack of color and style choices. Stop by Land Rover Cerritos in Cerritos, CA to see all the accessories we have available.

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