At Land Rover Cerritos, we want you to get maximum value from your vehicle and from your tires. The best way for Cerritos, CA drivers to do this is by having their tires rotated on a regular basis. Tire rotation is essential for ensuring that all four of your tires wear evenly. This way, you won't have to replace your tires before the end of their anticipated lifespan, and you'll get maximum traction and excellent handling. It's also important to note that routine tire rotations can be absolutely essential for maintaining your tire warranty.

Failing to Rotate Your Tires Can Void Your Warranty

Tire warranties typically require drivers to have their tires rotated once every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. When your tires are brand new, you may want to have them rotated at 5,000 miles. That's because the deeper treads on new tires tend to wear at a more rapid rate. If your tires fail ahead of their expected lifespan and you haven't had them rotated, your warranty won't cover the cost of this replacement. Visit us at Land Rover Cerritos today to have your tires rotated and for any other automotive service you might need.

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