Four-wheel drive technology has undergone upgrades in recent years, which gives vehicle owners more options for optimal traction. Today, vehicles are equipped with automatic or all-wheel drive, 4L, and 4H four-wheel drive technology. All-wheel-drive functions on two-wheel drive. However, if the wheels begin slipping or losing traction, the other wheels automatically engage to provide extra stability.

The low-range or 4L is designed for carefully traveling over mud, sand or snow. The option is also recommended for climbing rocky terrain, crossing water or going up/down hills. The function is initiated at speeds of under 40 mph and provides maximum traction and power.

The high-range or 4H is designed for traveling at normal speeds over ice, snow or water. The function is also desired when venturing across loose gravel, mud or packed sand. The higher range is more often used compared to 4L.

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