Keeping Rodents Away from Your Vehicle

At Land Rover Cerritos, we have seen a lot of damage done to vehicles by mice, rats, squirrels, and similar rodents and know how expensive it can be to repair the damage. We want to help you find ways to not just prevent rodent damage but also keep them away from your vehicle. If you have to park near brush and trees, make sure they’re trimmed and not touching the vehicle.

If you have already seen rodents, consider spraying deterrent scents like peppermint oil around the vehicle. You can also use deterrent tape to cover hoses, cables and other parts under the engine. Putting screening or wire around openings to the engine will make it more difficult for rodents to get under the hood.

Don’t wait until you actually see damage to do something about it. Pay us a visit at our Cerritos, CA store and see what we have to offer to help you keep rodents at bay.

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