Combing luxury with off-road performance, the Range Rover Sport is available for test drives at Land Rover Cerritos. Customers in Cerritos, CA will appreciate the versatile interior design of this SUV, which offers seating for five or seven adults. The SE base trim is followed by the HSE model. The lineup culminates with the HST edition that's packed with cutting-edge technology.

The Terrain Response technology regulates a multitude of mechanical metrics under the hood of the Range Rover Sport. Depending on the traffic flow, weather and road surface, this function calibrates the gearbox, engine, drivetrain, and steering. The Rock Crawl Mode allows this luxury SUV to drive over rocky trails with ease. This high-end model also has a wading limit of up to 33.5 inches. With additional leverage from the All-Terrain Progress Control, this Range Rover model conquers off-road trails without much trouble. The ATPC is only active when the speedometer reading is below 18 MPH.

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