Move Over Laws and What They Mean

Are you familiar with the Move Over Laws and the fact that they’re in all 50 of the states? If not, don’t feel alone because about 70% of the population is unfamiliar with these laws. Stop at Land Rover Cerritos if you’d like more information on this law and how breaking it could affect you.

Move Over Laws state that any time you see an emergency vehicle with its lights on parked on the side of the road you MUST either switch lanes or slow way down if you can safely switch lanes. In some states, like Texas, you are required to slow down a certain number of mph. You can get a fine for not obeying the Move Over Laws.

If you’d like to hear more about the Move Over Laws in your state, come to our store in Cerritos, CA . We here to help you with all your driving and automotive needs.

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