Tire Tips

The rubber that your tires are made out of are actually a very porous material. That means that a lot of dirt and grime can get stuck on your tires, making them look old and dirty. If you take a few extra minutes to pay attention to your tires next time you wash and wax your vehicle, you will help get your tires looking brand new again and you will protect their overall quality.

Shopping for tire products can be overwhelming so let our service center here at Land Rover Cerritos make the process easy for you. You can stop down to our location anytime. One of our staff members will help you pick out a product that is designed for your specific vehicle. Different tires require different types of products.

The job of cleaning your tires can be very simple. You simply spray on a tire cleaner, let it sit and then rinse it clean. Be sure to completely dry your tires when you are done.

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