Worn Suspension and Vehicle Safety: When to Get Yours Serviced

The suspension system of the vehicle has two roles: it helps the handling of your vehicle, and it aims to provide a more comfortable riding experience. If you've ever had an unreasonably bumpy ride, it could be your suspension that's the issue.

Over time, even during normal use, parts of the suspension can get worn, such as the bushings and ball joints. And if you're in a location with an unfortunate amount of potholes or other road irregularities, this too will cause your suspension to get worn out quicker. If your suspension needs work, it can affect safety of your driving experience.

It's hard to miss the signs of needing suspension work. Common symptoms of a faulty suspension system are: more than normal bouncing when hitting a bump, vehicle swaying during a turn, the vehicle thrusts forward when braking, fluid leaking out of the shock body, or an excessively bumpy ride in general.

Don't wait to get your worn suspension worked on. The technicians in our service center here at Land Rover Cerritos can service you today. Visit us in Cerritos, CA.

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