Next Time You Change Your Tires, Check Your Brake Pads Too

Getting a flat tire is an annoying occurrence that sometimes happen. Drivers must stop and get out all of the necessary equipment that is required to pull out the damaged tire and replace it with a spare. When such an event happens, there are other actions that should be taken when motorists have the advantage of being able to see their wheel rotors clearly without the obstruction of the tires.

Erosion of the brake pads can be easy to spot while the tires are being replaced. When hydraulic fluid is pumped into the pistons that control the movement of the vehicle's brake pads and calipers, the resistance of the wheel rotors can develop abrasions around the pads after the car has been driven for some time. Bad brake pads will do little to fix tire problems since their damage can eventually keep drivers off the road indefinitely.

Regardless, these issues can be fixed quite easily. If there is a problem with your brake pads, wheel rotors, or any other issues that you can think of that pertain to your car's driving ability, come to our service center at Penske Land Rover Cerritos to solve the matter quickly. Make your commutes around the Cerritos area easier for you!

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