Range Rover Velar Performance Features

With up to 380-horsepower in some of the luxury trims, the Range Rover Velar goes above and beyond to create the smoothest, most stylish ride to come from Land Rover. The new design is flawless, especially if you are a fan of the grille and panoramic window style from Range Rover. The performance is also at its peak with a base engine that puts out 247-horsepower in a 2.0 four-cylinder turbocharged engine. There is also the luxury upgrade to the Velar V6 that can get 380-horsepower. Land Rover also estimated that the Velar V6 can get up to 60 mph in less than 5.3 seconds.

The driving and handling in the Velar is also superior to other vehicles in its class. While it only comes with two upgraded engines, you can pick between several different modes, including economy, mud, sand, snow, rain, and dynamic. These different suspensions make it safer to drive no matter what the terrain is.

You can test drive the new Range Rover at Land Rover Cerritos located in Cerritos, CA.

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