Replacing the Car's Cabin & Engine Air Filters Frequently

When you are driving with dirty air filters in your vehicle, not only can the cabin have degraded air quality, the engine will be suffering a loss of power as a result.

Those cabin air filters maintain optimal air quality inside the vehicle for driver and passengers. These filters work to capture mold spores and allergens from the air before it gets into the cabin and affects your breathing.

The engine air filters have a much harder job, trying to trap all the dirt and dust in the air that can reduce the engine power greatly. These air filters remove a tremendous amount of dirt particles, so they need to be replaced often in order for the power and acceleration of the vehicle to not suffer.

Schedule your engine tune-up today with our service center here at Penske Land Rover Cerritos and our crew will be certain to inspect or replace all the air filters throughout your vehicle.

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